BNC Graduation 2015
Graduation 2015
Dr Kamolrat Turner, and staffs at Nursing Simulation Lab
Nursing Practice with SIM MAN
Respecting ceremony to Teacher 2015
BNC students pay respect to their teachers 2015
BNC Students pay respecting their teachers 2015
BNC students
21st Century Skills
Child Care Center
Making merit monthly
Uniform of undergraduate students at BNC
Ceremony of Respecting Teachers


BNC as one of 30-MoPH nursing colleges offers nursing education, from the arts and sciences of nursing and technology of education. At BNC, we have developed the academic excellence and find out more about the learning technology and strategy available for students.


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BNC’s Instructors

Our most important resource, the lecturers and instructors at BNC is diverse, well respected and engaged.

With nearly 60 instructors, there is one instructor member to every 8 students, which allows for a more personal learning experience. What's more, 87 percent of instructors have earned master degrees and 13 percent of instructors have earned a PhD, they teach undergraduate courses and supervise clinical practice.

Our low student-to-faculty ratio ensures access to nationally and globally well-known scientists, researchers, clinicians, and educators. What's more, as our faculty advance their areas of study, students benefit as the latest trends and insights are brought directly into the classroom.

But perhaps the strength of our college is best illustrated by the success of our students. Since 2013, 3 have been appointed for the director of college of nursing.