BNC Graduation 2015
Graduation 2015
Dr Kamolrat Turner, and staffs at Nursing Simulation Lab
Nursing Practice with SIM MAN
Respecting ceremony to Teacher 2015
BNC students pay respect to their teachers 2015
BNC Students pay respecting their teachers 2015
BNC students
21st Century Skills
Child Care Center
Making merit monthly
Uniform of undergraduate students at BNC
Ceremony of Respecting Teachers


Schedule a weekday visit as part of a group, we'll do everything we can to accommodate you. For more information, see our Visit Campus website (picture).


New Student Orientation


Studying at BNC is an great experience but it's most enjoyable learning atmosphere, clinical simulation, and student facility.


We've worked with incoming classes for decades, and we are refining our orientation program along the way to help our students make the transition to BNC life a lot easier. By attending an orientation you'll start to find your way around more easily, you'll get to meet with an academic advisor and you'll be able to register for classes.

Feel free to sign your parents or other family members up for their own orientation, so they can get to know the campus and our resources, too.